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ATM Troubleshooting


Voice, data, and video traffic over ATM networks creates tremendous cost efficiencies. If not properly configured and tested, however, the implementation can represent numerous headaches for network engineers and managers.The Solution: Learn to establish a structured and logical approach to troubleshooting and managing today's ATM networks using network management and troubleshooting tools from industry-leading vendors.
  • None
  • It is a 12 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 3 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • ATM Troubleshooting Overview
    • Identifying challenges
    • Troubleshooting arsenal
      • Knowledge of the technology
      • Recognizing symptoms and problems
      • Knowledge of available tools
    • Testing vs. troubleshooting
    • ATM troubleshooting methodology
    • Basic approaches
      • Déjà vu method
      • Delta method
      • Napoleonic method
      • Sesame street method
    • Documentation
    • Problems unique to ATM testing and troubleshooting
    • ATM technology review
  • ATM Component Review
    • ATM protocol stack
      • Physical layer
      • Cell layer
      • Cell header fields
      • AAL layers
    • Traffic management concepts
      • The traffic contract
      • ATM cell layer service categories
      • UNI signaling
        • SAAL
      • NNI signaling: IISP and PNNI
  • Permanent Virtual Connections
    • PVC explanation
      • Construction of a PVC
      • Everything permanent?
      • The road to nowhere and the road to everywhere
    • Testing PVCs
    • The basics of OAM cells
    • Circuit establishment troubleshooting
  • ATM Network Protocol Analyzers
    • Equipment categories
      • Platform
      • Line speed
    • Performance functions
      • Configuration
      • Monitoring
      • Management
    • Access methods
      • Break and insert
      • Passive taps
      • Port copying
      • Circuit steering
  • ATM Traffic Testing and Troubleshooting
    • Traffic management concepts
      • The UPC function
      • The traffic contract
      • QoS parameter definitions
      • ATM traffic descriptors
      • Generic cell rate algorithm
      • Leaky bucket algorithm usage
    • Policing configuration options
      • ATM cell layer service categories
      • Congestion control
      • Congestion recovery
      • ABR flow control
    • ATM layer OAM
      • Applicability example
      • Cell formats
      • Types and functions
      • Loopback functions
    • AIS and RDI operation
  • ATM Performance Testing and Troubleshooting
    • ATM traffic descriptors
    • QoS parameter definitions
      • Terminology and cell transfer outcomes
      • Cell delay variation
      • Cell loss ratio
      • Cell transfer delay
      • Cell error ratio and severely-errored cell block ratio
      • Cell misinsertion rate
      • QoS parameter definitions
      • ATM layer service categories
    • Performance specifications and measurements
      • OAM cells
  • ATM Switched Virtual Connections
    • Role of signaling
      • Q.2931 signaling overview
      • Message types
      • Signaling ATM adaptation layer
      • ATM end system address
      • Integrated Local Management Interface (ILMI)
    • Lifecycle of a Switched Virtual Connection
      • SSCOP: assured delivery
      • Signaling capture process
  • Soft Permanent Virtual Connections
    • Soft PVC overview
    • Configuring soft PVCs
      • Rerouting connections
      • Physical layer
      • Consistent switch-to-switch protocol
      • Edge devices
      • Ingress switch
      • Egress switch
  • PVP Tunneling
    • PVP overview
    • Configuring customer edge into ASP tunnel
    • Configuring ASP tunnel switches
    • Configuring customer edge into and out of ASP tunnel
    • Troubleshooting considerations
  • LAN Emulation (LANE)
    • LANE overview
    • LAN common denominator
      • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
    • Emulating a LAN over ATM
    • LANE client
    • Broadcast and unknown server
    • LANE server
      • LECS
    • LANE virtual channel connections
      • Flush protocol
      • Configure the LEC
      • Configure the LECS
      • Configure the LES/BUS
    • LANE troubleshooting
      • LANE services
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