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IBM Cognos Controller


IBM Cognos Controller: Develop Applications (V10.1) is an intermediate five-day instructor-led training course. It is designed to teach application developers how to set up a Controller application and effectively use Controller in their organization's consolidation process.
  • Basic knowledge of group accounting
  • It is a 12 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 3 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Controller
    • Review the Cognos Performance Management (PM) solution and the role of IBM Cognos Controller in PM
    • Examine IBM Cognos Controller components
    • Examine the structures used in a Controller application
    • Examine the application setup workflow
    • Log on to a Controller application and set personal options
  • Set Up Companies
    • Examine the importance of company structures in the Controller application
    • Enable the currencies and countries to be used in the Controller application
    • Create and link companies
    • Specify ownership relations between companies
    • Verify the company structure
  • Set Up Accounts
    • Examine the importance of account structures in a Controller application
    • Create and link accounts
    • Maintain an account structure
    • Verify the account structure
  • Configure the Application
    • Examine general configuration settings for a Controller application
    • Examine actualities
    • Identify the three types of actualities
    • Configure a Controller application
  • Enable Data Entry and Data Transfer
    • List different ways to enter data into Controller
    • Examine forms
    • Create forms and verify form structure
    • Examine form sets
    • Examine how to import data from an external system
    • Create an import specification
    • Import data from an external file
  • Set Up Accounts to Show Changes over Time
    • Use movement accounts to track changes over time
    • Examine the workflow process to create movement accounts
    • Enable and create movement accounts
    • Prepare movement accounts for data entry
  • Enhance Data Analysis
    • Enhance data analysis by using extended dimensions
    • Enable and define extended dimensions
    • Generate reports for extended dimensions
    • Prepare accounts for extended dimensions
    • Add extended dimensions to forms
    • Verify extended dimensions, accounts, and forms
  • Customize the Data Entry View
    • Customize the data entry view
    • Define and group the items you want to restrict
    • Generate reports for linked structures
  • Define and Schedule the Data Entry Process
    • Examine the data entry process
    • Enable and define report occasions for data entry
    • Examine different ways of making periods read-only
  • Test the Application Setup
    • Test structures
    • Manually enter data into the Controller application
    • Reconcile data
    • Examine the status of data
    • Track changes to metadata
  • Adjust Data Through Journal Entries
    • Identify the workflow process to set up consolidation of reported values
    • Identify how to make adjustments to data on a company level
    • Define and connect a journal type and a closing version
    • Enter data into company journals
    • Copy company journals
    • Run reports on company journals
    • Enter data into group journals
  • Convert Foreign Currency
    • Identify the workflow process for converting foreign currencies
    • Examine foreign currency conversion
    • Prepare the application with rules for currency conversion
    • Define the base currency and activate currency codes
    • Enter currency rates for a period
    • Convert foreign currency
    • Run reports and analyze currency converted data
  • Enable Automatic Journal Entries
    • Identify the workflow process for enabling automatic journal entries
    • Plan the use of automatic journals
    • Identify predefined automatic journal types
    • Define a contribution version and connect automatic journal types
    • Activate a predefined automatic journal
    • Identify how to use control tables
  • Allocate Data
    • Describe the purpose of allocations
    • Allocate by a fixed proportion
    • Allocate based on proportion values in a different account
  • Eliminate Intercompany Balances
    • Identify the workflow process for reconciliation and elimination of intercompany balances
    • Define intercompany accounts and enter period data
    • Define rules to control reconciliation and elimination of intercompany balances
    • Run and analyze reconciliation reports
    • Eliminate intercompany balances and verify postings
  • Enter Shareholdings and Investments
    • Identify the workflow process for entering shareholdings and investments
    • Prepare the application with necessary settings for entering shareholdings and investments
    • Enter shareholdings and investments data
    • Reconcile shareholdings and investments data
  • Calculate Acquisition Values
    • Identify the workflow process for calculating acquisition values
    • Define control tables for automatic journals
    • Configure a start period
    • Eliminate acquisition values and verify postings
  • Consolidate Group Values
    • Identify the workflow process for consolidating the group's reported values
    • Prepare the application for consolidation
    • Consolidate the group's values manually
    • Run and analyze reports on consolidation
    • Review the status of the group's data
  • Apply Security
    • Examine the IBM Cognos security architecture
    • Define security restrictions to different parts of the application
    • Define security restrictions for users
    • Run reports on applied security
    • Track changes to metadata
    • Examine options that can be personalized
    • Configure local preferences
  • Eliminate Intercompany Profit
    • Identify the workflow process for reconciliation and elimination of intercompany profit
    • Define intercompany profit accounts and enter period data
    • Define rules to control reconciliation and elimination of intercompany profit
    • Run and analyze reconciliation reports
    • Eliminate intercompany profit and verify postings
  • Create Complex Stored Calculations
    • Identify the purpose of advanced formula calculations
    • Identify built-in calculation operators and functions
    • Create advanced formula calculations
  • Customize the Consolidation Process with User-Defined Business Rules (UDBRs)
    • Customize consolidation rules for customers using user-defined business rules
    • Create and validate a user-defined business rule (UDBR) script
    • Define, map, and run a UDBR job
    • Group companies into subsets
    • Use subsets in UDBRs
  • Introduction to Reporting with IBM Cognos Controller
    • Explore report types and the role of dimensions in reports
    • Run a report based on a data entry form
  • Create Ad Hoc Reports
    • Create simple ad hoc reports
    • Compare the data for multiple sets of dimensions
    • Export an ad hoc report to an external application
  • Verify and Analyze Data for Consolidation
    • Examine the benefits of using standard reports in consolidation
    • Select dimensions to run a simple trial balance
    • Drill down on dimensions to view more details
    • View the details behind a summary account using a ledger report
  • Create Custom Reports
    • Create advanced reports using the Report Generator
    • Determine which dimensions to use when running a report
    • Examine reporting options available with different dimensions
    • Use Controller functions to build reports
  • Report on Controller Data in Excel
    • Connect Controller to Excel using the Excel Link
    • Use the Report Generator to open and create reports in Excel
    • Add Controller data to a spreadsheet
    • Refresh workbooks to show the latest Controller data
    • Examine exporting data from a workbook back to Controller
    • Design efficient multi-page reports
  • Run Groups of Reports
    • Examine the purpose of using report books
    • Create a report book
    • Examine input selection values
    • Examine report output options
    • Run a report book
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