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Google Apps online training

Google Apps


Google Apps is a service from Google that provides independently customizable versions of several Google products using a domain name provided by the customer. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Groups, News, Play, Sites, Talk, and Wallet. It was the vision of Rajen Sheth, a Google employee who later developed Chromebooks.


  • All attendees should have a basic knowledge of Communication Tools, Collaboration Tools and Google Sites.


  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Getting Started with Google Docs
    • A Google Account: Your Passport to All Things Google
      • Signing up and Signing in
      • What Can I Do with a Google Account?
    • Managing Your Google Account
      • Changing Your Account Information
      • Adding and Launching Google Applications
    • Getting Familiar with the Google Docs Home Page
      • Organizing Your Documents
      • Finding a Document
    • iGoogle, You Google, Everybody Googles
      • What's an iGoogle Page?
      • Setting up iGoogle
      • Customizing Your Page
      • iGoogle and Google Docs
  • Starting Word Processing
    • Creating Your First Document
      • Naming the Document
      • Entering Text
      • Saving the Document
    • Introducing Formatting
      • Using the Formatting Toolbar
      • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Printing a Document
      • Inserting Headers and Footers
      • Inserting Page Breaks
      • Checking Your Spelling
      • Choosing Your Print Settings
      • Exporting and Printing the Document
    • Deleting a Document
  • Formatting Documents
    • Formatting a Document
    • Working with Templates
      • Creating a New Document from a Template
      • Saving a Document as a Template
    • Importing and Exporting Documents
      • Importing Documents
      • Exporting a Document
    • Doing Research
      • Using a Dictionary, Thesaurus, or Encyclopedia
      • Searching the Web from Your Document
    • Working Offline
      • Downloading and Installing Gears
      • Activating Gears
      • Using Gears to Work Offline
      • Tweaking Your Offline Settings
  • Taking Your Docs to the Next Level: Lists, Tables, and Insertions
    • Working with Lists
      • Creating a List
      • Editing a List
    • Adding Tables to a Document
      • Creating a Table
      • Editing a Table
    • Inserting and Editing Images
      • Getting an Image into Your Document
      • Editing Images
      • Deleting an Image
    • Working with Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
      • Inserting a Hyperlink
      • Editing a Hyperlink
      • Inserting a Bookmark
      • Creating a Table of Contents
      • Editing a Table of Contents
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Documents
    • Sharing a Document
      • Choose Sharers and Set Permissions
      • Send an Optional Email Invitation
      • Receiving a Document-Sharing Notification
      • Changing a Document's Ownership
      • Emailing All Viewers/Collaborators
      • Removing Sharing
    • Other Ways to Share a Document
      • Emailing a Document
      • Publishing a Document on the Web
    • Collaborating on a Document
      • Collaboration and Offline Editing
      • Using Color-Coded Comments
    • Working with a Document's Revision History
      • Viewing Revisions
      • Comparing Versions
  • Introducing Spreadsheets
    • Spreadsheet Basics
      • What Is a Spreadsheet?
      • What Can a Cell Contain?
      • What Makes a Good Spreadsheet Design?
    • Creating Your First Google Docs Spreadsheet
      • Selecting Cells and Entering Data
      • Saving a Spreadsheet
    • Creating a New Spreadsheet from a Template
    • Formatting a Spreadsheet
      • Formatting Numbers
      • Formatting Dates and Times
      • Formatting Appearance
      • Creating Formatting Rules
      • Working with Multiple Sheets
    • Working with Data
      • Importing Data into Google Docs
      • Exporting Data from Google Docs
      • Exporting as an XLS or ODS File
      • Entering Data
      • Clearing Data
      • Working with Rows and Columns
      • Sorting Data
    • Printing and Deleting Spreadsheets
      • Printing a Spreadsheet
      • Deleting a Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheets: Formulas and Charts
    • Working with Spreadsheet Formulas
      • What Is a Formula?
      • Creating Formulas: The Basics
      • Supercharging Your Formulas with Functions
    • Getting the Big Picture with Charts, Graphics, and Gadgets
      • Kinds of Charts
      • Creating a Chart
      • Editing a Chart
      • Putting an Image into Your Spreadsheet
      • Editing an Image
      • Google Docs Spreadsheets and Google Gadgets
      • Editing a Gadget
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Spreadsheets
    • Sharing Spreadsheets
      • Publishing a Spreadsheet on the Web
      • Embedding a Spreadsheet in Your Web Site or Blog
      • Inviting Others to Share a Spreadsheet
    • Collaborating on Spreadsheets
      • Working Simultaneously
      • Chatting as You Work
      • Commenting on a Spreadsheet
      • Receiving Notifications
    • Creating a Form to Gather Data
      • Creating a New Spreadsheet by Designing a Form
      • Creating a Form for an Existing Spreadsheet
      • Emailing a Form
      • Embedding a Form in a Web Page or Blog
      • Editing a Form
      • Editing a Form's Confirmation Message
      • Analyzing Form Data
      • Disabling or Deleting a Form
    • Working with a Spreadsheet's Revision History
  • Introducing Presentations
    • What's a Presentation?
      • Why Use Google Docs for Presentations?
      • Some Pointers for Designing a Presentation
    • Your First Presentation
      • Starting from Scratch
      • Naming Your Presentation
      • Getting an Existing Presentation into Google Docs
      • Adding a New Slide
      • Selecting a Slide and Inserting Text
      • Saving a Presentation
    • Giving Your Slides Pizzazz
      • Adding Some Style with a Theme
      • Giving Your Slides a Custom Background
      • Formatting Text
      • Adding Images, Shapes, and Videos
      • Moving and Resizing Elements
      • Arranging Elements on a Slide
      • Revealing Elements One by One
      • Deleting an Element
    • Working with Slides
      • Importing Slides
      • Copying a Slide
      • Moving a Slide
      • Adding Speaker Notes
      • Deleting a Slide
    • Working with Presentations
      • Previewing a Presentation
      • Exporting a Presentation
      • Printing a Presentation
      • Deleting a Presentation
  • The Main Event: Sharing and Viewing Presentations
    • Sharing a Presentation
    • Collaborating on a Presentation
    • Giving a Live Presentation
      • Starting the Show
      • During the Presentation
      • Ending a Presentation
    • Publishing a Presentation on the Web
      • Making a Presentation Public
      • Embedding a Presentation in Your Web Page or Blog
    • Working with Revisions


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