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Informatica B2B Data Exchange Online Training

Informatica B2B Data Exchange


Informatica solutions for B2B data exchange offer a comprehensive management and monitoring environment that allow organizations to aggregate, exchange, and share data. The solutions provide universal transformation for all data formats, including unstructured data, industry standards data, XML, and proprietary formats.
  • Basic Informatica Knowledge.
  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Introduction to Informatica B2B Data Exchange (DX)
    • DX Overview
    • Informatica B2B Data Exchange
    • Features and Benefits of B2B DX
    • B2B DX Architecture
    • B2B DX Components
    • B2B DX Basics
    • Installing B2B DX
    • B2B DX Ports
    • B2B DX Log files
  • DX Objects
    • Key B2B DX Terms
    • B2B DX Architecture
    • B2B DX Console
    • Partner Communication
    • Management of B2B DX Objects
    • Endpoint, Application, Workflow, Partner and Account, Profile, Document and Events
  • PowerCenter Integration
    • In Power Center, creation of Mapping, Connection Objects, JNDI Application, JMS Application Connection and Workflow
    • Exporting Power Center Workflow
    • Creating DX Workflow
  • Workflow Parameters
    • Introduction to DX Workflow and the decision making logic
    • Overview DX Workflow Parameters
    • Parameter Definition & Details with an example
    • Usage of DX Profile Parameter Transformation
    • How DX Objects work together
  • Web Services
    • Overview of DX Web Services
    • Setting up DX Web Services
    • Partner Management
    • Account Management
    • Profile Management
    • Sending Documents to Endpoints
    • Objects the DX Web Services
  • DT Integration
    • DT Overview & Features
    • DT Architecture
    • Supported Data formats
    • DT Studio Overview
    • Power Center UDT Transformation
  • DX Transformations
    • DX Transformations Overview
    • DX Transformations for PowerCenter
    • DX Transformations
    • Guidelines for Using DX Transformations
    • Error Handling
  • Document and Event Handling
    • Documents and Events
    • Overview of B2B DX Events
    • Event Types
    • Event Status
    • Event Status History
    • Event Attributes
    • Event Properties
    • Event Search – Basic & Advanced
    • Viewing Events
    • Dialogue - Root, Parent and Child Events
    • Creating and managing new events using DX Transformations
  • Chaining Workflows
    • Overview of chaining workflows
    • Parent and Child Events
    • DX Real Time Workflows using JMS Message Delivery
    • Document exchange - DX to Power Center and Power Center to DX
    • Pre-defined objects – DX Endpoint and JMS Queue
    • DX Routing Algorithm
  • Reconciling Events
    • Introduction to Reconciliation
    • DX Reconciliation Process
    • DX Transformations for event reconciliation
    • Reconciliation Monitor
    • Monitor Frequency
    • General problems around Reconciliation
  • Batch Workflows
    • Real-Time versus Batch Workflow
    • DX Flow Decision making logic
    • Configuring DX Workflows for Batch
    • Batch Workflow types
  • Delaying Events
    • Introduction to Delayed Events and Delayed Processing
    • Setting up delayed processing in DX
    • Delay Rules
    • Release Rules
    • Rules Evaluation
  • Handling Large Documents
    • Introduction to large documents?
    • How DX stores documents in the Document Store o DX Document Reference
    • DataByReference in PowerCenter and DX
    • Processing large documents in DX
    • Archiving DX Document Store
  • Event Monitors
    • Introduction to Event Monitors
    • Using Events to monitor processing
    • Viewing Monitored Events
  • Advanced Exception Handling
    • Overview of DX Advanced Exception Handling
    • Advanced Exception Handling example
    • Event Monitor to track exceptions
  • MFT
    • Introduction to MFT
    • Features and Benefits of MFT
    • DX - MFT Integration
    • Installing MFT
    • MFT Endpoints
  • Authentication & Access Control
    • DX User Authentication
    • Native and ISP Authentication Modes
    • DX Access Control
    • User Groups and Categories
  • Repository Management
    • Overview of DX Repository Management
    • Introduction to repository management tools
    • Exportable/Importable DX Objects
  • Administrator Features
    • Overview of On-boarding
    • On-boarding dashboard
    • Overview of Event Resubmission and Event Reprocessing
    • Overview of Dashboards and Reports Management
    • Overview of High Availability support for DX
    • Overview of DX Ports Management
    • Overview of DX Log files and configuration
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