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Informatica B2B Data Transformation Online Training

Informatica B2B Data Transformation


Informatica® B2B Data Transformation is enterprise-class software for extracting data from any file, document, or message—regardless of format, complexity, or size—and transforming it into a usable form. Design tools provide a productive, codeless, visual design and test environment for integrating all file, document, and message-based data up to 80 percent faster than hand coding transformations
  • Basic Informatica Knowledge.
  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Getting Introduced to Data Transformation
    • Introduction to Data Transformation
    • Features of Data Transformation
    • Supported APIs
    • Supported Data Formats
  • Overview of Data Transformation
    • Overview Data Transformation Studio
    • DT Studio components and perspectives
    • DT Architecture
    • DT Services
  • XML and XSD Basics
    • XML Overview
    • XSD Overview
    • XSD and DT syntax comparison
  • Parser Implementation
    • Basic Parsing
    • Parsing By Example - Concept
    • Introduction to Parsers and Anchors
    • Data Transformation - Basic Anchors
    • Marker Anchor
    • Content Anchor
  • Parsing
    • Creating New Parser
    • Parser Component Properties
    • Ports and Formats
    • CustomFormat and Delimiters
    • Frequently used Delimiters with example
    • Format Preprocessors and Delimiters
    • Data Holders
    • Variables purpose and usage o User and System defined variables
    • Defining Anchors
    • Frequently used Anchors and examples
    • Concept of Scope and Phase
    • How a parser searches for Anchors
    • How Marking controls the reference points while parsing
    • Adjusting search criteria with scope and phase
    • Searcher Component
  • Transformers & Actions
    • Defining Transformers
    • Default Transformers
    • Commonly used Transformers
    • Defining Actions
    • Comparing Actions and Transformers
    • Commonly used Actions
    • Data Manipulation Functions
  • Serializers
    • Concept of Serialization
    • Creating a Serializer
    • Commonly used Serializers
    • String Serializer
    • Content Serializer
    • RepeatingGroupSerializer
    • How Serializers utilizes Locator property
  • Document Preprocessors
    • Document Preprocessors
    • How to use Document Preprocessors
    • Document Preprocessors Reference
    • Frequently used Preprocessors
    • Excel Preprocessor
    • PDF Preprocessor
    • PowerPoint Preprocessor
    • Xml Preprocessor
    • External Java Preprocessor
    • External C++ Preprocessor
    • Notes of Preprocessor
    • Pattern Matching
    • Basic Expressions
    • Character Classes and pattern representation
    • Repeating Characters
    • Line anchors
    • OR condition and grouping
    • Greedy Searching
    • Regular Expression syntax in DT
    • Regular Expression in PDF parsing
  • Conditions
    • Alternatives - Overview and Examples
    • Standard Properties
    • Use of SetValue and EnsureCondition Actions
    • Comparison of Alternatives and if-else construct
    • Alternative Serializers
    • Alternative Mappings
    • Alternative Validators
  • Positional Parsing
    • Positional Parsing- Overview and Example
    • Positional Delimiters Component
    • Positional Serializing
  • Mappers
    • Mappers Overview
    • Mappers and Locators o Creating a Mapper
    • Map Anchor
    • Alternative Mappings
    • Embedded Mapper
    • Group Mapping
    • Repeating Group Mapping
  • Locators, Keys and Indexing
    • Locators, Keys and Indexing Overview
    • Keys - Concept with an example
    • Composite Keys
    • Restriction on Keys
    • Locator and LocatorByKey - Concept with examples
    • Usage in a Mapping
    • Keys and LocatorByKey
    • LocatorByOccurance - Concept with an example
    • How component Source and Target properties influences the locators
  • Advanced Anchors
    • Enclosed Group
    • Delimited Sections
    • EmbeddedParser & Schema Connections
  • Embedded Parsers
    • Concept and usage
    • Processing segments of source with Embedded Parsers
    • Difference between EmbeddedParsers and RunParser
  • Streamers
    • Concept and usage
    • Text and XML Streamers
    • Processing large documents
  • Validators, Notification and Failure Handling
    • Validators overview
    • Validators components
    • Notifications and NotificationHandlers o Failure Handling and Optional property
    • Writing failure messages to user log
  • PowerCenter Integration - UDT
    • UDT Concept
    • EDI parsing in PowerCenter
    • Input and Output Hierarchy
    • Multiple Output buffer ports
    • Dynamic Service Name
  • VRL
    • Concept and usage
    • VRL Editor
    • VRL Element reference
    • XPath extensions
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