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Java SE Online Training

Java SE 7


Java Platform, Standard Edition or Java SE is a widely used platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments. Java SE uses the object-oriented Java programming language. Strictly speaking, Java SE is a platform specification. It defines a wide range of general purpose APIs—such as Java APIs for the Java Class Library[citation needed]—and also includes the Java Language Specification and the Java Virtual Machine Specification.
This Java Programming training covers the core Application Programming Interfaces (API) you'll use to design object-oriented applications with Java. Expert Ecorptrainings trainers will teach you how to write database programs with JDBC.


  • Understand object-oriented principles
  • Be competent in creating programs in any programming language
  • Create and edit text files using a text editor
  • Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language (CDJ-110-SE6)


  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Java Platform Overview
    • Introductions
    • Course Schedule
    • Java Overview
    • Java Platforms
    • OpenJDK
    • Licensing
    • Java in Server Environments
    • The Java Community Process
  • Java Syntax and Class Review
    • Simple Java classes
    • Java fields, constructors and methods
    • Model objects using Java classes
    • Package and import statements
  • Encapsulation and Polymorphism
    • Encapsulation in Java class design
    • Model business problems with Java classes
    • Immutability
    • Subclassing
    • Overloading methods
    • Variable argument methods
  • Java Class Design
    • Access modifiers: private, protected and public
    • Method overriding
    • Constructor overloading
    • The instanceof operator
    • Virtual method invocation
    • Polymorphism
    • Casting object references
    • Overriding Object methods
  • Advanced Class Design
    • Abstract classes and type generalization
    • The static and final modifiers
    • Field modifier best practices
    • The Singleton design pattern
    • Designing abstract classes
    • Nested classes
    • Enumerated types
  • Inheritance with Java Interfaces
    • Java Interfaces
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Object composition and method delegation
    • Implementing multiple interfaces
    • The DAO design pattern
  • Generics and Collections
    • Generic classes and type parameters
    • Type inference (diamond)
    • Collections and generics
    • List, set and Map
    • Stack and Deque
  • String processing
    • String manipulation with StringBuilder and StringBuffer
    • Essential String methods
    • Text parsing in Java
    • Input processing with Scanner
    • Text output and formatting
    • Regular expressions with the Pattern and Matcher classes
  • Exceptions and Assertions
    • Exceptions categories
    • Standard Java Exception classes
    • Creating your own Exception classes
    • Using try-catch and the finally clause
    • Using try-with-resources and the AutoCloseable interface
    • The multi-catch feature
    • Best practices using exceptions
    • Assertions
  • I/O Fundamentals
    • I/O using Java
    • Reading the console input stream
    • Writing to the console
    • Using I/O Streams
    • Chaining I/O Streams
    • Channel I/O
    • Reading and writing objects using Serialization
  • File I/O with NIO 2
    • The Path interface
    • The Files class
    • Directory and File operations
    • Managing file system attributes
    • Reading, writing, and creating files
    • Watching for file system changes
  • Threading
    • Operating system task scheduling
    • Recognizing multithreaded environments
    • Creating multi-threaded solutions
    • Sharing data across threads
    • Synchronization and Deadlock
    • Immutable objects
  • Concurrency
    • Creating Atomic variables
    • Using Read-Write Locks
    • Thread-safe collections
    • Concurrenct synchronizers (Semaphore, Phaser, and others)
    • Executors and ThreadPools to concurrently schedule tasks
    • Parallelism and the Fork-Join framework
  • Database Application with JDBC
    • Layout of the JDBC API
    • JDBC divers
    • Queries and results
    • PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
    • Transactions
    • RowSet 1.1 RowSetProvider and RowSetFactory
    • The DAO Pattern and JDBC
  • Localization
    • Advantages of localization
    • Defining locale
    • Read and set locale using the Locale object
    • Resource bundles
    • Format messages, dates and numbers


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