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Microsoft Forecaster Essentials Training

Microsoft Forecaster Essentials


Microsoft Forecaster is a software product used for organizational budgeting and planning. It is licensed as part of the Microsoft Dynamics product family. Microsoft Forecaster helps organizations replace spreadsheet based budgeting and planning by providing a database-centric approach that allows for audit capabilities, workflow, and increased data security. Microsoft Forecaster also provides "detail modules" to help budget and plan for human resources, capital and revenue/expenses. While not dependent on Microsoft Dynamics ERP packages, Microsoft Forecaster is most often positioned and sold as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics general ledgers.

Microsoft Forecaster originated from a company called, based in Plainsboro, New Jersey. was acquired by FRx Software Corporation in 2001. Owned by Great Plains Software, FRx expanded its product offerings into budgeting and forecasting. Subsequently Great Plains was purchased by Microsoft, where it was run as a wholly owned subsidiary. At the time was purchased by FRx Software, it had two separate offerings; Helmsman, a client-server offering written in C++, and a product called, which was developed to eventually provide a web based replacement to Helmsman. was primarily offered in a hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. Following the acquisition, the offering was renamed to FRx Forecaster, while Helmsman was rebranded to FRx Helmsman.
  • Students should have a financial or accounting background and already understand budgeting and reporting.
  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Essentials I in Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
    • Overview and Demonstration
      • Demonstrate key features of Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
      • Overview of topics in course
    • Application Setup
      • New Application Wizard
      • Segment Definition
      • Segment Modifications
    • Segments and Rollups
      • Center Segment
      • Center Rollup
      • Rollup Navigation, Properties, and Maintenance
      • Account Segment
      • Account Rollup
    • Periods and Loading Data
      • Period Fields
      • Period Wizard
      • Data Import
      • Import Errors
    • Input Screen Setup
      • Input Set Overview
      • Columns
      • Sections
      • Lines
      • Calculations
      • Input Set Definition
      • Locked Accounts
    • Account Input
      • Input Set Selection
      • Toolbars and Icons
      • Spread Methods
      • Multi Row Data Entry shortcuts
      • Multi Row Data Entry Memos
      • Multi Row Data Entry Line Items
      • Single Row Data Entry
    • Human Resources Setup and Input
      • Human Resources Setup
      • Pay Types
      • Salary Grades
      • Benefits and Taxes
      • Human Resources Input and Import
      • Human Resources Distribution and Human Resources Master
      • Custom Human Resources
    • Capital Setup and Input
      • Define Capital Types
      • Depreciation Methods
      • Capital Input
    • Custom Setup and Input
      • Custom Dimensions
      • Define Markets and Products
      • Create Product Lines and Calculations
      • Associations
      • Define Products and Rates
      • Revenue Input
      • Secondary Calculations
    • Advanced Input
      • Local Settings
      • Guidelines
      • Input Set Overrides
      • Multi Segment Input
      • Input Shortcuts
      • Other Data Entry Methods
    • Input Examples
      • Global Rates
      • LOOKUP
      • If/Then Calculations
      • Custom Units and Rates
    • Security Overview
      • Groups
      • Users
      • Assignments
      • Workflow
    • Web Access Overview
      • Web Access Install and Configuration
      • Web Access Sign On
      • Web Access interface
    • Practice
      • Define Segments
      • Import Data
      • Build Input Set
      • Define Revenue
      • Set Up Human Resources
  • Essentials II in Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
    • Overview and Demonstration
      • Demonstrate key features of Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
      • Overview of topics in course
    • Getting Started
      • Installation and Connection
      • Segments
      • Rollups
    • Building Blocks
      • Lines
      • Columns
      • Calculations
      • Formats
      • Reports
    • Income Statement Variations
      • Summary Income Statement
      • Detailed Income Statement
    • Variance Reports
      • Reporting Periods
      • Over/(Under) Budget Income Statement
      • Favorable/(Unfavorable) Budget Variances
      • Design Tips
    • Report Maintenance
      • Building Block Organization
      • Troubleshooting Techniques
      • Design Tips
    • Additional Formatting Options
      • Formatting Options
      • Conditional Formatting
      • Report Options
    • More on Rollups
      • Center Rollup
      • Account Rollup
      • Rollup Maintenance
    • Side by Side Reporting
      • Side by Side Reporting with Centers
      • Using Periods in Lines
    • Multiple Segment Reporting
      • Accounts combined with Periods
      • Centers combined with Accounts
      • Exploding Combined Segments
      • Centers combined with Periods
    • Detail Reports
      • Income Statement with Details
      • Audit Trail History Report
      • Column Code Detail Fields
      • Detail Table Menus
    • Report Distribution
      • Distribution Options
      • Print Options
    • Sample Reports
      • Accounts Payable Detail
      • Projected Cash Flow
      • Operating Expenses by User
    • Reporting on Three or More Segments
      • Departmental Monthly Budget
      • Summary Monthly Budget
      • onsolidating Budget

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