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NetScaler Online Training



NetScaler is a hardware device (or network appliance) manufactured by Citrix, which primary role is to provide Level 4 Load Balancing.Citrix NetScaler makes apps and cloud-based services run five times better by offloading app and database servers, accelerating app and service performance, and integrating security. Deployed in front of web and database servers, NetScaler combines high-speed load balancing and content switching, data compression, content caching, SSL acceleration, network optimization, application visibility and application security on a single, comprehensive platform.
  • Previous NetScaler administration training or hands-on experience.
  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Introducing and Deploying Citrix NetScaler
    • Citrix NetScaler Functions and Features
    • NetScaler Product Line
    • Identifying NetScaler Software Options
    • Identifying the NetScaler Hardware Platforms
    • Identifying the NetScaler Hardware Components
    • Deployment Scenarios
    • Identifying Network Placement Options
    • Identifying Deployment Considerations
  • Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration
    • Installation Requirements
    • NetScaler System Installation
    • Logging in to the NetScaler System
    • Understanding the Setup Configuration Wizard
    • Setting the Password
    • Initial Configuration
    • Understanding Virtual Local Area Networks
    • Saving the Configuration
  • Performing Basic Administration
    • NetScaler Administrative Tools
    • Introducing the Configuration Utility
    • Introducing the Command Line Interface
    • Introducing the Statistical Utility
    • Introducing FreeBSD
    • Using Third-Party Tools
    • NetScaler Management
    • Performing an Upgrade
    • Managing Licensing
    • Enabling NetScaler Features
    • Managing Role-Based Administration
  • Configuring High Availability
    • Introduction to High Availability
    • HA Node Configuration
    • Configuring Nodes using the Configuration Utility
    • Configuring Nodes using the CLI
    • Verifying HA Status
    • Performing Synchronization
    • Performing a Forced Failover
    • HA Management
  • Configuring Load Balancing
    • Introduction to Load Balancing
    • Managing Entities
    • Creating Servers and Services
    • Service Monitoring
    • Introducing Monitor Parameters
    • Configuring HTTP Monitor
    • Configuring ECV Monitors0
    • Configuring HTTP-INLINE Monitors3
    • Configuring Monitors Using the Configuration Utility
    • Configuring Monitors Using the CLI
    • Load Balancing Virtual Servers
    • Configuring Virtual Server Service Types
    • Configuring Load Balancing Methods
    • Binding Load Balancing Entities
    • Configuring Session Persistence
    • Advanced Load Balancing Options
    • Configuring Load Monitors
    • Service and Virtual Server Management
  • Configuring SSL Offload
    • SSL and Digital Certificates
    • SSL Offload
    • Server Certificates
    • SSL Deployment Decisions
    • Front-End SSL with Backend HTTP
    • Front-End SSL with Backend SSL
    • Front-End SSL_TCP with Backend TCP
    • SSL Administration
    • Generating a Key
    • Generating a Certificate Signing Request
    • Generating a Certificate for Testing
    • Installing a Certificate
    • Binding a Certificate
    • Configuring Advanced SSL Settings
  • Configuring Policy Engine Expressions
    • Introduction to Policies
    • Policy Types and Their Uses
    • Expression Structures
    • Policy Syntax
    • Understanding HTTP and HTTPS Traffic
    • Identifying Qualifiers
    • Identifying Operators
    • Understanding Operands, Wildcards and Context-Sensitive Fields
  • Configuring Content Filtering
    • roduction to Content Filtering
    • Filter Actions
    • Configuring Content Filters and Identifying Actions
    • Binding Filters
  • Configuring Compression
    • Compression Benefits
    • Compression Policies
    • Associated Compression Actions
  • Configuring Content Switching
    • Introduction to Content Switching
    • Content Switching Virtual Servers
    • Content Switching Policies
    • Binding Content Switching Policies to Content witching Virtual Servers
  • Auditing and Logging
    • Syslog and Nslog Auditing
    • Configuring Audit Servers
    • Configuring Global Auditing Parameters
    • Configuring Auditing Policies
    • Binding Auditing Policies
    • Viewing Recent Audit Messages
    • Viewing Historical Audit Messages
    • Client IP Address Insertion
    • NetScaler Log Management
  • Monitoring
    • Simple Network Management Protocol
    • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2
    • Configuring SNMP Managers
    • Configuring the MIB System Variables
    • Configuring SNMP Community Strings
    • Configuring SNMP Traps
    • Configuring SNMP Alarms
    • SNMPv3
    • Statistical Utility
    • Identifying the Statistical Utility Components
    • Navigating the Statistical Utility
    • Customizing the Built-in Comparative Charts Pane
    • Customizing the Group Monitoring Pane
    • Monitoring Tool
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(1) Workday Technical Demo Training

Demo Schedule : 09:30 P.M EST / 08:30 P.M CST / 6:30 P.M PST on 23th June & 07:00 A.M IST on 24th June

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