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oracle rodod Online Training

Oracle Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery


Oracle's Rapid Offer Design and Rapid Order Delivery solution (RODOD) has been designed to bring together PMO and FMO through an efficient and cost effective design that delivers new products and services with present capabilities and future goals in mind. With RODOD, CSPs can effectively manage front- and back-office operations for new offers, as well as capture and efficiently manage order provisioning tasks for end-to-end visibility across the order life cycle processes.Oracle Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery is the industry's only fully integrated, productized solution that cost-effectively reduces time to market for new offer introduction, and enables accurate order delivery across all customer service channels.RODOD is a new-generation solution in that its design criteria has been matched with sought-after business objectives. Oracle's extensive work with customers and prospects revealed specific business needs, such as faster time to market, superior visibility, lower-cost fallout, enhanced customer experience and low-cost/agile deployments.
  • XML technologies including: XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XML Catalog
  • J2EE including MDB
  • Web Services
  • JMS
  • Weblogic 11g Administration
  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • RODOD Overview
    • Reviewing the scope of the RODOD solution
    • Reviewing the role of each participating application
    • Reviewing the RODOD Solution Components
    • Reviewing Use Cases
  • Cartridge Installation
    • Understanding the general process to install the O2A Solution
    • Understanding O2A PIP Deployment options
    • Using the O2A Installer project
    • Importing O2A PIP Cartridges
    • Configuring Weblogic Resources
    • Building O2A PIP Cartridges
    • Deploying O2A PIP Cartridges
    • Testing O2A with AIA Emulator
  • O2A Uses Cases
    • Understanding Sales Order Submission Samples and naming convention
    • Looking at the Orchestration Plan of Use Cases
  • O2A Integration via AIA
    • AIA for Communications
    • OSM-AIA Interface details including queues
    • OSM queues to AIA queue interoperability
    • Using provided tools to simplify the creation of these queues
    • Detailed list of EBM/EBOs and Queues
    • JMS Correlation
  • O2A Cartridges Overview
    • Organization of OSM entities into several O2A Cartridges
    • O2A Cartridge components analysis
    • Common Data Dictionary and Libraries
    • COM Cartridges and its entities
    • SOM Cartridges and its entities
    • Fallout Cartridges and its entities
  • Detailed walkthrough O2A entities in Sunny Day Scenario
    • New Order Double Play offer scenario review
    • Order Templates
    • Order Recongition Recognition
    • Fulfillment Patterns
    • Decomposition Rules
  • O2 A Process Flows and Messages
    • Function process flow patterns
    • System Interaction patterns in COM and SOM
  • O2A Order Life Cycle
    • Understanding status, system instance and and milestone configuration
    • Order status aggregation rules
  • O2A Billing Patterns
    • Billing Use Cases and Terminology
    • Billing Time Patterns
    • Billing Fulfillment Patterns
    • Key Billing Fields
    • Understanding revision in the Billing context
  • Detailed walkthrough of O2A entities related to rainy day scenario (Fallout)
    • Fallout Overview
    • Central Fallout Management principle
    • Detecting, notifying and resolving fallouts
    • OSM entities supporting O2A fallout management
    • Fallout handling patterns
  • Revisions Overview
    • Revision uses case
    • Understanding how O2A handles revisions
    • Amendable orders
    • Policies for amending
    • Significant data elements
    • Automation compensation strategy
  • Abort during revision
    • Conditions under a sales order is aborted in OSM
    • Steps followed by O2A to abort COM
    • Steps followed to propagate the abort condition to SOM
  • Revisions and PONR
    • Understanding how the PONR is configured
    • Learning which PONR are preconfigured
    • Understanding how O2A tracks the PONRs during fulfillment
    • Revision rejection due to PONR reached.
  • Extensibility Overview
    • General process and considerations to extend O2A
    • O2A extensibility scenarios
    • Configuring External Status (downstream)
    • Adding new Product Classes
    • Adding new Product Specification
    • Adding new Fulfillment Provider
    • Adding new Fulfillment Function
    • Adding a new System Emulator

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