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Peachtree Online Training



Peachtree is an accounting software program made available through Sage. Peachtree comes in several different versions, including Pro, Quantum and Complete. Standard features included on most of the programs are customer records, budget creation tools, sales tracking, payroll and expense lists.

Peachtree provides cash to personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death plaintiffs while their case is either still pending or, if successful, awaiting settlement payment. Sometimes a plaintiff may be forced to settle their case early for less cash than they deserve, because they have been unable to work due to their injury. The cash Peachtree can provide could be used to cover interim expenses of any type, whether personal, medical or business.


  • Students should have a basic working knowledge of Windows


  • It is a 16 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 4 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Getting Acquainted with Peachtree
    • The Peachtree Environment
    • The Peachtree Navigation Centers
    • Using the Menu Bar
    • Using the Main Application Toolbar
    • Learning Common Business Terms
  • Setting Up a Company
    • Creating a Peachtree Company
    • Setting Customer Defaults
    • Setting Vendor Defaults
    • Setting Inventory Defaults
    • The Payroll Setup Wizard
    • Setting Payroll & Employee Defaults
    • Setting Job Defaults
    • Making a Backup
    • Restoring from a Backup File
  • Using the General Ledger
    • General Ledger Default Settings
    • Adding Accounts
    • Deleting Accounts
    • Adding Beginning Account Balances
    • Adding General Journal Entries
    • Basic General Ledger Reports
    • Entering Account Budgets
    • The Cash Account Register
  • Starting Accounts Receivable
    • Setting Up Accounts Receivable Defaults
    • Adding Customers
    • Adding Customer Beginning Balances
    • Setting Statement and Invoice Defaults
    • Sales Orders & Invoicing
    • The Sales Orders Window
    • The Sales/Invoicing Window
    • The Receipts Window
    • Statements and Finance Charges
    • Selecting Deposits
    • Changing a Record ID
  • Starting Accounts Payable
    • Setting Up Accounts Payable Defaults
    • Adding Vendors
    • Adding Beginning Balances for Vendors
    • The Purchase Orders Window
    • Entering a Drop Shipment
    • Select for Purchase Orders
    • The Purchases/Receive Inventory Window
    • The Payments Window
    • The Select For Payment Window
  • Adding Inventory
    • Adding Inventory
    • Removing Inventory
    • Entering Inventory Beginning Balances
    • Building and Unbuilding Assemblies
    • Making Inventory Adjustments
    • Changing Item Prices
  • Creating Payroll
    • Adding Employees
    • Adding Employee Beginning Balances
    • Paying a Group of Employees
    • Paying an Employee
    • Creating Payroll Formulas
    • Elements of Payroll Formulas
  • Account Management
    • Writing Checks
    • Voiding Checks
    • Reconciling Bank Accounts
    • Changing the Accounting Period
  • Using Sales Tax
    • The Sales Tax Wizard
    • Sales Tax Authorities
    • Sales Tax Codes & Exempt Sales
    • Collecting Sales Tax
    • Paying Sales Taxes
  • Using Quotes
    • Entering Quotes
    • Converting Quotes
  • Job Tracking
    • Setting Up a Job
    • Setting Job Defaults
    • Entering Beginning Balances for Jobs
    • Making Purchases for a Job
    • Invoicing for Job Purchases
    • Job Tracking
  • Time and Billing
    • Adding Time Ticket Employees
    • Entering Activity Items
    • Entering Charge Items
    • Entering Time Tickets
    • Entering Expense Tickets
    • Billing Time and Expense Tickets
  • Changing System Settings
    • Changing Posting Methods
    • Posting/Unposting
    • Memorized Transactions
    • Using the Purge Wizard
    • Using the Year-End Wizard
  • Reporting
    • The Cash Manager
    • The Collection Manager
    • The Payment Manager
    • The Financial Manager
    • Find on Report
    • Preset Reports
    • Report Groups
    • Modifying Reports
    • Exporting Reports to Excel
    • Importing & Exporting Data
    • Exporting to PDF
    • Modifying Screen Templates
    • Modifying Forms
  • The Internal Accounting Review
    • Using the Internal Accounting Review
  • Action Items
    • Events
    • To-Do Items
    • Alerts
  • Options
    • Changing Global Options
    • Changing the System Date
  • Assets and Liabilities
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • Creating an Other Current Assets Account
    • Subtracting Value from an Other Current Assets Account
    • Creating a Fixed Assets Account
    • Accumulated Depreciation
    • Liability Accounts
    • Paying on a Long Term Liability
    • Equity
  • Credits
    • Entering Credit Memos
    • Applying Credit Memos
    • Entering Vendor Credit Memos


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