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PeopleSoft Absence Management online training

PeopleSoft Absence Management


Absence Management handles absence processing and enables you to fine-tune the design of your system.Using a browser environment, PeopleTools, and a rules-based system, you can configure your absence system online without writing or changing the source code, thus reducing installation and maintenance time and costs.



  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Creating Schedules
    • Describing the Use of Schedules
    • Explaining Schedule Groups
    • Creating Work Schedules
    • Viewing Schedule Calendars
    • Validating Schedule Changes
    • Describing Holiday Schedules
    • Explaining Methods of Assigning Work Schedules
  • Defining Common Characteristics of Absence Elements
    • Explaining Absence Element Categories
    • Identifying Absence Element Types
    • Identifying Entry Types and Entry Type Prompts
    • Defining Basic Absence Element Parameters
  • Defining Absence Take and Absence Entitlement Elements
    • Describing Entitlement Accrual
    • Creating Absence Entitlement Elements
    • Modifying Entitlement Balance Accumulators
    • Explaining Absence Types and Reasons
    • Describing Absence Take Elements
    • Creating Absence Take Elements
    • Describing Absence Setup Guidelines
  • Setting Up Supporting Elements
    • Listing Supporting Elements
    • Describing System Elements
    • Creating Variable Elements
    • Describing Date Elements
    • Defining Duration Elements
    • Creating Formula Elements
    • Describing Operators Used in Formulas
    • Describing Elements Used to Look Up Values
  • Defining the Organizational and Processing Frameworks
    • Defining Element Groups
    • Defining Eligibility Groups
    • Defining Pay Entities
    • Defining Pay Groups
    • Mapping Pay Groups
    • Defining Sections
    • Defining Process Lists
  • Setting Up Calendars
    • Describing Calendar Concepts
    • Defining Run Types
    • Defining Periods
    • Defining Calendars
    • Defining Calendar Groups
  • Entering and Processing Absences
    • Entering Absence Events
    • Viewing Payee Data
    • Describing Entitlement and Take Processing
    • Running the Absence Process
    • Describing the Processing Phases and Options
    • Viewing Processing Results
  • Viewing and Controlling Absence Processing Results
    • Defining Rounding Rules
    • Describing Frequency Conversion
    • Describing Generation Control
  • Overriding Supporting Elements
    • Describing Supporting Element Override Levels
    • Describing the Element Override Hierarchy
  • Adjusting Frequency-Based Entitlement
    • Describing Frequency-Based Entitlement Adjustments
    • Adjusting Frequency-Based Entitlement Balances
    • Overriding Frequency-Based Entitlement Definitions
  • Generating Positive Input for Payroll
    • Describing Positive Input Generation
    • Creating Earning and Deduction Elements
    • Mapping Earnings and Deductions to a Payroll System
    • Associating Earning and Deduction Elements with Take Elements
  • Defining Absence-Based Entitlements and Takes
    • Defining Absence-Based Entitlement Elements
    • Defining Take Elements with Absence-Based Entitlement
    • Describing How to Link Related Absences
    • Adjusting Absence-Based Entitlements
  • Defining Extended Absences
    • Setting Up Configurable Sections
    • Setting Up Attachments
    • Setting Up Extended Absences
    • Managing Extended Absences
  • Implementing Absence Take Features
    • Defining Qualifying Periods for Using Entitlement
    • Defining Rules for Negative Entitlement Balances
    • Using Mapping to Generate Absence Data for Two Take Elements
    • Explaining How to Store Data in User Defined Fields
  • Defining Forecasting and Balance Inquiry Processes
    • Describing Forecasting and Balance Inquiry
    • Setting Up Forecasting and Balance Inquiry Processing
    • Forecasting an Absence Event
    • Viewing Absence Balances
  • Using Leave Donations
    • Setting up Leave Donation Framework
    • Initiating Leave Transfer Requests
  • Managing Iterative Processing
    • Describing Trigger Types
    • Describing Iterative Triggers
    • Setting Up Trigger Definitions
    • Viewing Iterative Triggers
    • Explaining Mass Triggers
  • Implementing Segmentation
    • Describing Types of Segmentation
    • Defining Segmentation Terminology
    • Setting Up Segmentation
    • Viewing, Adding, and Canceling Segmentation Triggers
    • Describing General Rules for Segmentation Processing
    • Describing Proration
  • Sending Absence Data to Payroll
    • Describing Transmitted Data
    • Sending Absence Data to Payroll
    • Explaining Payroll Processing with Absence Data
    • Describing the Impact of Retroactivity
  • Processing Retroactivity
    • Explaining Retroactivity
    • Defining Retroactivity Terminology
    • Defining Rules for Retroactive Processing
    • Enabling Retro Processing by Run Type, Calendar, and Calendar Group
    • Viewing, Adding, and Canceling Retro Triggers
  • Processing Off-Cycle Transactions
    • Explaining Off-Cycle Processing
    • Entering Instructions for Off-Cycle Processing
    • Processing Off-Cycle Transactions


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