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BO [Business object environment]  Online Training

SAP BO [Business object environment]


This course is designed to give learners skills and knowledge needed to access, analyse, and share corporate data using BusinessObjects InfoView and Web Intelligence. The business benefit of this course is that users will be able to efficiently and effectively manage personal and corporate documents to access the information they need, when they need it.


  • Basics of SQL are good enough to start mastering this BI skill.


  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Universe designer
    • Understanding the business objects universes
    • What is a universe?
    • Business objects universe designer components
    • Starting universe designer
    • The universe development life cycle
    • Preparation phase
    • Analysis phase
    • Planning phase
    • Implementation phase
    • creating the universe
    • setting the database connection
    • data access drivers
    • odbc connection drivers
    • ole db connectivity
    • universe parameters
    • building universe structure
    • designing of a schema
    • universe creation process
    • manipulating tables
    • creating joins
    • join types
    • equi-joins
    • outer joins
    • theta joins
    • shortcut joins
    • self-restricting joins
    • creating dimension objects
    • classes and objects
    • creating classes
    • automatically creating classes and objects
    • defining a new object as a detail object
    • working with classes and sub classes
    • creating measure objects
    • defining measure object concepts
    • the query process
    • aggregation at select level
    • setting selection and projection aggregates
    • creating measure objects
    • measure objects
    • testing measure objects
    • resolving loops in universe
    • resolve loop using alias
    • resolve loop using context
    • resolving traps
    • resolve chasm trap
    • resolve fan trap
    • hierarchies
    • understanding hierarchies and universes
    • working with hierarchies
    • default hierarchies
    • time hierarchies
    • using list of values
    • Creating alist of values
    • What is list of values
    • Using a list of values
    • Working with LOV'S in universe designer
    • Associating LOV with an object
    • Setting options for generating an LOV
    • Editing the LOV for entire universe
    • Adding data to the list by adding columns
    • Creating a cascading LOV
    • Setting up a cascading LOV
    • What is information design tool
    • Introduction to resources and work flows
    • Creating a data foundation
    • Defining joins
    • Creating a business layer
    • Describing folders and objects
    • Creating measure objects
    • understanding loops
    • resolving loops using context
    • defining data restrictions
    • creating a list of values
    • understanding parameters
    • Introducing interactive analysis
    • describe interactive analysis core functionality
    • creating interactive analysis documents with queries
    • creating a new document
    • modifying a document query
    • working in the query panel
    • restricting a data returned by query
    • query filters
    • report filters
    • using prompt to restrict data
    • using complex filters
    • working with interactive analysis documents
    • display data in tables
    • working with tables
    • presenting data in free standing cells
    • presenting data in charts
    • using breaks and calculations
    • using sorts and hiding data
    • formatting breaks and cross tables
    • filtering report data
    • ranking data
    • tracking data changes
    • formatting reports
    • formatting documents
    • formatting charts
    • formulas and variables
    • using formulas and variables
    • analysing the data cube
    • drilling in an interactive report tool
    • Introduction
    • Live office concepts
    • Live office object types
    • Live office architecture
    • Live office tool bar
    • Live office ribbon menu
    • Inserting crystal report content
    • Logging into secured databases
    • Choose data
    • Set filters
    • Modifying crystal report content
    • Viewing and modifying general report content
    • Modifying fields
    • Modifying filters
    • Working with web intelligence content
    • Inserting webi content
    • Specify query context
    • Specify prompt values
    • Choose data
    • Working with queries in live office
    • Choose universe
    • Specify query
    • Specify query context
    • Specify prompt values
    • Modify prompt values
    • Planning a report
    • Designing database concepts
    • Planning and designing a report prototype
    • Creating a report
    • Report creation methods
    • Specifying the data source
    • Understanding design window
    • Working with tool bar
    • Field explorer
    • Repository explorer
    • Working with the workbench
    • Determining data fields type
    • Positioning and sizing objects
    • Organizing reports
    • Apply sort order
    • Using sort controls
    • Modifying groups
    • deleting groups
    • applying conditional reporting
    • formatting data conditionally


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