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Serena-Dimensions-CM online training

Serena Dimensions CM


Serena Dimensions CM is an application development software solution that helps increase development efficiency, decrease deployment error and guarantee compliance to standards with its software configuration management and deployment capabilities.


  • None.


  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • About Dimensions
    • About the Process Model
    • About Product Organization
    • About Dimensions Objects
    • About the Process Model and Lifecycles
    • About Dimensions Architecture
  • Using Dimensions
    • About Daily Development Tasks
    • About Project Management Tasks
    • About Parallel Development
  • Web Client Basics
    • About the Dimensions Web Client
    • About Logging into Dimensions
    • Accessing the Web Client
    • Logging into Dimensions
    • About the Main Window
    • Working in the Content Area
    • Working in the Navigation Area
    • Creating and Using Object Filters
    • About Editing Object Attributes
    • Relating and Unrelating Objects
    • Switching Products
  • Desktop Client Basics
    • About the Dimensions Desktop Client
    • About Logging into Dimensions
    • Logging into Dimensions
    • About the Main Window
    • Viewing Object Properties
    • About Object Specification
    • Finding Objects
    • Searching and Replacing Text in Items
    • Creating and Using Object Filters
    • About Editing Object Attributes
    • Relating and Unrelating Objects
    • About the Pedigree Window
    • Working in the Pedigree Window
  • Managing Changes
    • About Change Documents
    • About Change Document Lists
    • Opening Change Document Lists
    • Selecting a Change Document
    • Creating a Change Document
    • Priming a Change Document
    • Showing Users and Roles for Change Documents
    • Deleting a Change Document
    • Browsing and Printing a Change Document
    • Actioning a Change Document
    • Adding an Action Description to a Change Document
    • Moving a Change Document
    • About Editing Change Documents
    • Editing a Change Document Description
    • Editing a Change Document Action Description
    • Attaching Files to Change Documents
    • Editing a Change Document Attachment List
    • Editing the Attributes of a Change Document
    • Delegating a Change Document
    • Delegating Ownership of Change Documents
    • Requesting Ownership of Change Documents
    • Locking the Ownership of Change Documents
    • Managing Custom Lists
    • Viewing Change Document History
    • Filtering Change Documents
    • Creating Change Document Queries
    • About Linking Version Management and Change Management
  • Managing Design Parts
    • About Design Parts
    • Selecting a Design Part
    • Viewing Items Owned By a Design Part
    • Showing Users and Roles for a Design Part
    • About Creating Design Parts
    • Creating a Design Part
    • Creating a Variant Design Part
    • About Part Change Status (PCS)
    • Updating the Part Change Status (PCS)
    • Renaming a Design Part
    • Moving Design Parts
    • Suspending Design Parts
    • Deleting Design Parts
  • Managing Versions
    • About Managing Versions
    • Selecting Items
    • Previewing and Printing an Item
    • Getting a Copy of an Item
    • Viewing Item History
    • Showing Users and Roles for an Item
    • About Creating New Items
    • Creating a New Item
    • About Editing Items
    • Checking Out an Item
    • Checking In an Item
    • Undoing an Item Checkout
    • Editing an Item
    • Editing Item Attributes
    • Renaming an Item
    • Actioning an Item
    • Delegating an Item
    • Deleting an Item Revision
    • Suspending an Item
    • Changing Item Type
    • Moving an Item to a Different Design Part
    • About Uploading Files
    • Uploading Files
    • About Comparing and Merging Item Files
  • Managing Worksets
    • About Worksets
    • About Managing Worksets
    • About Workset Directories
    • Selecting a Workset and Workset Root Directory
    • About Creating Worksets
    • Creating a Workset
    • Renaming a Workset
    • Deleting a Workset Directory
    • Renaming a Workset Directory
    • Moving a Workset Directory
    • Deleting a Workset
    • Viewing or Editing Workset Properties
    • Merging Worksets
    • Creating a New Merged Workset
    • Removing an Item Revision from a Workset
    • Exporting an Item to a Workset
    • About Resolving Conflicting Item Revisions
    • Resolving Conflicting Item Revisions in a Workset
    • Viewing Workset History
    • Displaying a Workset Pedigree
    • Filtering Worksets
  • Managing Baselines
    • About Baselines
    • About Working with Baselines
    • Selecting a Baseline
    • Viewing Items in a Baseline
    • Showing Users and Roles for a Baseline
    • Viewing Baseline History
    • Viewing Baseline Pedigree
    • Actioning a Baseline
    • Actioning Baseline Items
    • Editing Baseline Attributes
    • Creating a Baseline
    • Renaming a Baseline
    • About Revised and Merged Baselines
    • Revising a Baseline
    • Merging Baselines
    • Deleting a Baseline
  • Managing Releases
    • About Releases and Customers
    • Selecting a Release
    • Creating a Release
    • Deleting a Release
    • Selecting a Customer
    • Creating a New Customer
    • Editing a Customer
    • Deleting a Customer
    • Forwarding a Release to a Customer
    • Withdrawing a Release from a Customer
  • Comparing and Merging Files
    • About Comparing and Merging Files
    • Basics of the Merge Tool
    • Viewing the Files
    • Manually Completing the Mergin
    • Configuring the Merge Tool
    • About Serena ChangeMan Merge Tool
    • Configuration Files
    • Merge Tool Parameters
  • Customization of the Desktop Client
    • Introduction
    • Setting System Preferences
    • Customizing the Content Windows
    • Customizing the Menus and Tool Bar
    • Customizing Tools
    • Customizing the Starting of the Desktop Client


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(1) Workday Technical Demo Training

Demo Schedule : 09:30A.M EST / 08:30A.M CST / 6:30A.M PST on 13th JULY & 07:00A.M IST on 14th JULY

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