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Apple Soundtrack Pro  Online Training

Apple Soundtrack Pro


Soundtrack Pro was a music composing and audio editing application made by Apple Inc. featured in Logic Studio, which includes a collection of just over 5000 royalty free professional instrument loops and sound effects. It was discontinued with the release of Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4.

Soundtrack Pro is an easy-to-use but extremely powerful audio application for Macintosh/MacIntel. Borrowing heavily from its big brother, Logic, Soundtrack Pro simplifies the process of editing and improving existing audio files, or creating new ones. VTC author, Mark Bremmer, begins the tutorial by demonstrating the basics of the Soundtrack Pro interface before presenting ways that both the novice and professional can take advantage of the application's extensive toolset. Learn to create, edit, and export a project using the application's Action-based waveform editor, multitrack tools, filters, and much much more. Mark later demonstrates how Soundtrack Pro integrates with Final Cut Pro and Motion, allowing for the user to easily create and prepare audio for a media project. To begin learning Soundtrack Pro today, simply click on one of the movie links.


  • Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS
  • Basic knowledge of audio terminology is recommended


  • It is a 12 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.

  • It is a 3 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.

course content

  • Welcome to Soundtrack Pro
  • About Soundtrack Pro
  • About the Soundtrack Pro Documentation
  • Additional Resources
  • Chapter 1 Setting Up Your System
    • System Considerations
    • Connecting Equipment
    • Example Hardware Setups
  • Chapter 2 The Soundtrack Pro Interface
    • Soundtrack Pro Window Organization
    • Project Pane
    • Toolbar
    • Transport Controls
    • Timeline
    • File Editor
    • Mixer
    • Multitake Editor
    • Conform
    • Bin
    • Meters Tab
    • Recording Tab
    • Browser
    • Search Tab
    • Favorites Tab
    • Video Tab
    • Project Tab
    • Details Tab
    • Effects Tab
    • Tracks Tab
    • Actions Tab
    • Analysis Tab
    • Contents66 HUDs
  • Chapter 3 Basics of Working in Soundtrack Pro
    • About Multitrack and Audio File Projects
    • Setting Up Your Workspace
    • Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcut Menus
    • Undoing and Redoing Changes
    • About Changing Values and Timecode Entries
    • Locating and Adding Audio Files
    • About the Bin
    • Previewing Audio Files
    • Playing Projects
    • Using Snapping
    • Reconnecting Media Files
  • Chapter 4 103 Soundtrack Pro Preferences
    • Setting Soundtrack Pro Preferences
    • General Preferences
    • Project Preferences
    • Recording Preferences
    • Synchronization Preferences
    • Control Surfaces Preferences
    • Video Out Preferences
  • Chapter 5 Working with Multitrack Projects
    • Creating, Opening, and Closing Multitrack Projects
    • Creating a Multitrack Project from Final Cut Pro Clips or Sequences
    • Setting Project Properties
    • Setting the Project Length
    • Setting Default Locations for Saving Media Files
    • Saving Multitrack Projects
    • Adding Files to a Multitrack Project
    • Clip Properties
    • Tracks, Busses, Submixes, and the Master Bus
  • Chapter 6 Working in the Timeline
    • Using the Timeline Editing Tools
    • Timeline Editing Tools HUD
    • Moving Around in the Timeline
    • Working with Tracks, Busses, and Submixes in the Timeline
    • Selecting Audio Clips in the Timeline
    • Selecting the Entire Contents of a Track
    • Contents154 Selecting Partial Contents of One or More Tracks
    • Cutting, Copying, Pasting, and Removing Audio Clips
    • Splitting and Joining Audio Clips
    • Spotting Clips to the Timeline
    • Moving Clips
    • Snapping Clips to Clips on Other Tracks
    • Resizing Audio Clips
    • Changing the Offset of an Audio Clip
    • Creating Fades and Crossfades in the Timeline
    • Truncating Overlapping Audio Clips
    • Working with Markers
    • Transposing Tagged Audio Clips
    • Replacing the Source Audio in a Clip
    • Replacing Audio with Related Files
    • Making Clip Channel Selections
    • Combining Separate Clips to Create Multichannel Clips
    • Editing Clip and Track Properties
  • Chapter 7 Editing Audio in the Multitrack Timeline
    • How Selection Type Affects Actions
    • Editing in Place
    • How Clips Are Affected by Media File Editing
    • How Source Audio File Editing Works in a Multitrack Project
    • Making an Independent Copy of a Clip
    • Using the Multitrack Timeline and the File Editor Together
    • Editing with the Timeslice Tool
    • Processing Audio Clips
    • The Lift and Stamp Tools and the Sound Palette
  • Chapter 8 Working in the File Editor
    • About the File Editor
    • Opening Audio Files in the File Editor Tab
    • Playing Audio Files in the File Editor
    • Soloing an Audio File in the File Editor
    • Linking the File Editor Selection and the Cycle Region
    • Scrubbing Audio Files
    • Selecting All or Parts of an Audio File
    • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting in the File Editor
    • Zooming In and Out in the File Editor
    • Editing Audio Files Graphically with Waveform Editing Tools
    • Choosing the Sample Units in the File Editor
    • Editing Multichannel Files
    • Using Frequency Spectrum View
  • Contents Working with Actions
    • Overview of Analyzing and Fixing Problems in an Audio File
    • Analyzing and Fixing Problems in an Audio File
    • Using the File Editor Project View
  • Chapter 9 Processing Audio Files
    • Choosing Processing Effects
    • Fade In
    • Fade Out
    • Normalize
    • Adjust Amplitude
    • Silence
    • Invert
    • Reverse
    • Insert
    • Time Stretch
    • Noise Reduction
    • Adding Ambient Noise
    • Equalization Matching
    • Convert to Mono
    • Resample
    • Swap Channels
    • Edit Channels
    • Render to Action
  • Chapter 10 Working with Audio Effects
    • Processing Effects and Realtime Effects
    • Working with Effect Presets
    • Audio Effects Included with Soundtrack Pro
    • Working with Realtime Effects
    • Working with Processing Effects
  • Chapter 11 Using the Multitake Editor
    • What Is Automatic Dialogue Replacement?
    • Multitake Clips
    • Creating Multitake Clips
    • Overview of the Multitake Editor
    • Editing in the Multitake Editor
    • Slipping Take Regions
    • Adding and Deleting Takes
    • Renaming Takes
    • Reordering Takes
    • Example: A Multitake Editing Workflow
  • ContentsChapter 12 Basic Mixing in Soundtrack Pro
    • Steps in Mixing
    • Structuring an Audio Post-Production Project
    • Using the Mixer
  • Chapter 13 Mixing Surround Sound
    • What Is 5.1 Surround?
    • Creating a Surround Project
    • Setting Up Soundtrack Pro for Surround
    • Using Surround Panners to Create a Surround Mix
    • Surround Mixing Strategies
    • Exporting and Delivering 5.1 Surround Projects
  • Chapter 14 Working with Video in Soundtrack Pro
    • Supported Video File Formats
    • Adding a Video to a Project
    • Playing the Video
    • Viewing Video Details
    • Working with a Video's Audio
    • Using the Time Display and Time Ruler with Video
    • Scrubbing and Spotting with the Multipoint Video HUD
    • Removing a Video from a Project
  • Chapter 15 Working with Automation
    • Working with Envelopes
    • Recording Automation Data
  • Chapter 16 Recording Audio in Soundtrack Pro
    • Getting Ready to Record
    • Recording Audio in the Timeline
    • Recording Audio in the Mixer
    • Recording Audio in the File Editor Project View
  • Chapter 17 Creating Podcasts in Soundtrack Pro
    • About Podcasts
    • Podcasting Media Production
    • Displaying the Podcast Track and the Details Tab
    • Podcast Marker Information in the Details Tab
    • Adding Markers to a Podcast
    • Adding Images to a Podcast
    • Exporting Podcasts
  • Contents 7Chapter 18 Using Control Surfaces with Soundtrack Pro
    • Connecting Control Surfaces
    • Adding and Deleting Control Surfaces
    • Premapped Controls
    • Mapping Commands to Control Surface Buttons
    • Recording Control Surface Automation
  • Chapter 19 Using Soundtrack Pro with Other Applications
    • Using Soundtrack Pro with Final Cut Pro
    • Using Soundtrack Pro with DVD Studio Pro
    • Using Soundtrack Pro with Motion
    • Using Soundtrack Pro with Logic Pro
    • Using Soundtrack Pro with Third-Party Applications
  • Chapter 20 Exporting Multitrack Projects
    • About Exporting
    • Export File Formats Available in Soundtrack Pro
    • About Export Options
    • General Export Options
    • About Export Options for AIFF, WAVE, and Other Formats
    • About MP3 Export Options
    • About AAC/Podcast Export Options
    • About Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) Export Options
    • About Export Options Using Compressor
    • Exporting Part of a Multitrack Project
    • Exporting a Master Mix
    • Exporting Tracks, Busses, and Submixes Separately
    • About Exporting Multiple Mono Files
    • Exporting to AAF
    • Using Post-Export Actions
    • Using Export Presets
    • Distributing a Multitrack Project and Its Media Files Together
  • Chapter 21 Using Conform with Final Cut Pro
    • About Conforming Manually
    • About Soundtrack Pro Conform
    • Conforming a Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Project
    • Reviewing and Approving Changes in a Conform Result Project
  • Appendix A 473 Soundtrack Pro Keyboard Shortcuts
    • General and File
    • Layouts, Tabs, and HUDs
    • Navigating the Timeline
  • Contents476 Project Playback
    • Cycle Region
    • General Editing
    • Editing Audio Clips in the Timeline
    • Moving Audio Clips and Envelope Points
    • Viewing the Timeline
    • Timeline Tools
    • File Editor Project View Tools and Commands
    • Processing and Editing Audio Files
    • Tracks, Busses, and Submixes
    • Markers
    • Selecting Audio Clips in the Timeline
    • Video Out
    • Recording
    • Using Arrow Keys to Move the Playhead
    • Working with Timeslices
  • Appendix B Audio Fundamentals
    • What Is Sound?
    • Digital Audio
  • Appendix C Working with Professional Video and Audio Equipment
    • Video Interfaces
    • Video Signals and Connectors
    • Setting Up an Audio Interface
    • Audio Connectors, Cables, and Signal Formats
    • About Balanced Audio Signals
    • Tips for Choosing Speakers and an Amplifier
    • Connecting Professional Video Devices
    • Connecting Professional Audio Devices
  • Appendix D Working with Apogee Hardware in Soundtrack Pro
    • Using Apogee Hardware with Soundtrack Pro
    • Creating and Saving a New Apogee Configuration
    • Specifying Global Parameters in the Apogee Setup Dialog
    • Specifying Units Parameters in the Apogee Setup Dialog
    • Using a Previously Saved Configuration
    • Choosing a Configuration Saved with a Project
  • Appendix E 539 Solving Problems
    • Resources for Solving Problems
    • Solutions to Common Problems
    • Contacting AppleCare Support


Apple Soundtrack Pro videos will be updated soon
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