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Taleo Enterprise Edition


Taleo is a cloud-based talent management software vendor that was acquired
  • Introduction to Configuration
  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 20% theory, 80% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • TEE Recruiting Essentials:
    • Getting Started with Taleo Recruiting - Part 1
      • Taleo Overview and Navigation
      • Requisition Creation and Approval
      • Prescreening Questions
      • Posting and Sourcing
      • Candidate Experience
      • Create Candidates
      • Candidate Search
      • Candidate Management
    • Getting Started with Taleo Recruiting - Part 2
      • Candidate Selection Workflow
      • Offer Management
      • Hire a Candidate
      • Run Standard Reports
    • Introduction to Configuration
      • Navigating Central and Specific Configuration Menus
      • Working with Organization, Location and Job Field Data
      • Creating User Accounts and Assigning Permissions
      • Create Groups and Add Users to Groups
      • Identify User Account and Password Security Settings
    • Configuration Profiles
      • Describe Configuration Profiles
      • Create a Configuration Profile
      • Edit Configuration Profile Settings
      • Assign Configuration Profile to a User
    • Center Stage and Communication Channel
      • Discuss Center Stage Options
      • Create New Center Stage
      • Add Center Stage to Configuration Profile
      • Edit Communication Channel in Configuration Profile
      • Test User Configuration
    • Standard Fields
      • Discuss use of Fields throughout Recruiting
      • Identify Field Settings
      • Verify and Modify Field Settings
    • Custom Fields
      • List the Types and Uses Of Custom Fields
      • Create Basic Custom Fields
      • Identify and Modify Field Settings
      • Create a Selection List
    • Requisition Forms and Files
      • Describe Process for Forms and Files
      • Modify Forms
      • Work with File Sections and Blocks
      • Review Requisition File Setup
      • Add Requisition File to a Configuration Profile
      • Test Requisition File as a User
    • Candidate Selection Workflow
      • Describe Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW)
      • Duplicate a CSW
      • Modify Steps and Statuses
      • Add Shortcut Buttons
      • Create a Qualifier Group
      • Associate OLF and Requisition Type to a CSW
      • Validate a CSW
    • Candidate Sourcing
      • Create a Job Board Account
      • Add a Source
      • Create a New Event
      • Create a New Source
      • Review Source Settings
    • Correspondence Manager
      • Understanding Manual and Automatic Message Templates
      • Working with Message Templates
      • Specify Audience for Correspondences
      • Attach Messages to CSW
      • Create Read Only and Confidential Message Templates
      • Review Correspondence Manager Settings
      • Control Candidate Rejection Letters
    • Create Candidate
      • Review the Create Candidate Function
      • Modify Candidate Forms
      • Modify Candidate Files
      • Configure Candidate File Setup
      • Modify Configuration Profile
    • Candidate and Requisition Lists
      • Create Candidate and Requisition List Formats
      • Modify Filters and Settings
      • Add Columns to List Formats
      • Modify Configuration Profile
    • Career Sections Overview
      • Review Sample Career Site
      • Identify Career Section Components
    • Statements - Career Sections
      • Define Statements
      • Create a Statement
    • User-Defined Forms - Career Sections
      • Describe User-Defined Forms
      • Create a User-Defined Form
    • Diversity Form - Career Sections
      • Define Diversity Form
      • Create a Diversity Form Using Wizard
    • Application Flows - Career Sections
      • Discuss Application Flows
      • Duplicate a Job-Specific Application Flow
      • Add, Reorder and Remove Pages from an Application Flow
      • Modify Information Blocks within an Application Flow
      • Activate a Job-Specific Application Flow
    • Building Career Sections
      • Create a Career Section
    • Career Portal Pages - Career Sections
      • Discuss Career Portal Pages
      • Modify Career Portal Page Properties
    • Global Configuration and Global Security - Career Sections
      • Describe Global Configuration Settings
      • Create a Career Section URL
      • Discuss Global Security
      • Identify Global Security Settings for Career Sections
    • Branding and Themes - Career Sections
      • Discuss Branding Files
      • Work with Theme Elements
  • TEE Systems Administrators:
    • Career Section Overview
      • Previewing the Candidate Experience
    • Statements
      • Creating a Privacy Statement
      • Adding/ Creating Paragraphs for a Statement
    • User-defined Forms
      • Creating a User-defined Form
      • Previewing a User-defined Form
      • Activating a User-defined Form
    • Diversity Forms
      • Creating a Diversity Form
      • Adding Questions & Answers to a Diversity Form
      • Activating a Diversity Form
    • Application Flows
      • Duplicating a Job-specific Application Flow
      • Adding, Reordering, and Removing Pages
      • Modifying Page and Information Block Properties
      • Activating the Job-specific Application Flow
    • Building Career Sections
      • Creating a Career Section
      • Editing a Career Section
      • Activating a Career Section
    • Creating Themes
    • Career Portal Pages
      • Modifying features of the Career Portal Pages
    • General Configuration
    • Global Security
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