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Microsoft Certified Application Developer with a concentration in VB. NET? Try the MCAD Concentration in Visual Basic .NET CBT.
  • Knowledge of MCSA/MCITP 2008.
  • It is a 8 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 2 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Core Data Access with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
    • Connecting to Databases and Reading Data
      • Connecting to a Database
      • Saving a Connection String Securely in an Application Configuration File
      • Retrieving Data from a Database
      • Handling Connection Events and Exceptions
      • Configuring and Using Connection Pooling
    • Querying and Updating Databases by Using Commands
      • Creating and Running Query Commands
      • Creating and Running Parameterized Commands
      • Creating and Running Update Commands
      • Using Globalized Formats for Storing and Accessing Data (if time permits)
    • Performing Transactional Operations
      • Performing Data Updates within a Transaction
      • Choosing an Appropriate Isolation Level for a Transaction
      • Enlisting in a Distributed Transaction
      • Managing Transactions in the Data Tier
    • Performing Disconnected Operations Programmatically
      • Creating a DataSet Programmatically
      • Populating and Saving a DataSet
      • Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Data in a DataSet
      • Merging DataSets
      • Creating and Using DataViews
    • Performing Disconnected Operations by Using Visual Studio 2005 Wizards
      • Creating a Typed DataSet by Using the DataSet Designer
      • Loading, Displaying, and Saving Data in a Typed DataSet
      • Adding Code to a Typed DataSet
      • Creating a Typed DataSet by Using the Data Source Configuration Wizard
      • Adding Queries to a Table Adapter
    • Performing XML Operations on Disconnected Data
      • Saving a DataSet as XML Data
      • Loading a DataSet from XML
      • Saving and Loading DataSet Schema Information
    • Reading and Writing XML Data
      • Writing XML Data by Using XmlWriter
      • Reading XML Data by Using XmlReader
    • Processing XML Data by Using DOM
      • Reading XML Data by Using DOM
      • Writing XML Data by Using DOM
  • Advanced Data Access with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
    • Minimizing and Handling Database Operation Conflicts
      • Reading Committed Data by Using Locks
      • Reading Committed Data by Using Statement-Level Snapshots
      • Reading Committed Data by Using Transaction-Level Snapshots
      • Handling Data Concurrency by Using ADO.NET
    • Handling Large Objects
      • Reading Large Values from SQL Server
      • Writing Large Values to SQL Server
      • Conserving Resources When Writing Large Values to SQL Server
    • Enhancing Database Performance
      • Accessing Multiple Result Sets Concurrently
      • Performing Asynchronous Data Access Operations
      • Performing a Batch Update
      • Performing a Bulk Data Copy
    • Creating Managed Code Objects for SQL Server 2005
      • Creating Managed Stored Procedures and Triggers
      • Creating Managed User-Defined Functions
      • Creating a Managed Aggregate
      • Creating a Managed User-Defined Type
      • Importing Existing Assemblies into SQL Server 2005
    • Querying XML by Using XPath
      • Selecting XML Data by Using XPathNavigator
      • Evaluating XPath Expressions by Using XPath Navigator
      • Creating and Using Compiled XPath Expressions
      • Editing XML Data by Using XPathNavigator
    • Transforming XML by Using XSLT Style Sheets
      • Transforming an XML Document by Using an XSLT Style Sheet
      • Resolving External Resources During XSLT Processing
      • Passing Parameters into an XSLT Style Sheet
      • Creating and Using Extension Objects
  • Core Windows Forms with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
    • Creating a Simple Windows Forms Application
      • Adding and Configuring Windows Forms and Controls
      • Creating Event Handlers and Monitoring Events
      • Adding Controls and Handlers at Run Time
      • Adding a Form Keyboard Handler
    • Configuring Standard Controls
      • Creating the EmployeeViewer Form
      • Creating the ReportGenerator Form
      • Creating the ReportGeneratorHelp Form
    • Building Menus
      • Creating and Configuring a MenuStrip Control
      • Creating and Configuring a ContextMenuStrip Component
      • Hiding and Disabling a ToolStripMenuItem
      • Creating and Configuring a ToolStripComboBox
    • Displaying and Editing Data by Using Data-Bound Controls
      • Adding a Data Source to a Project
      • Binding Data to a Control
      • Creating a Bound Form by Using the BindingSource and BindingNavigator Components
      • Displaying Data by Using the DataGridView Control
      • Binding to Data at Run Time
    • Providing User Assistance and Enhancing Usability
      • Adding and Configuring User Assistance Controls
      • Implementing Accessibility Features
      • Implementing Globalization and Localization
      • Running a Procedure at Set Intervals
      • Displaying Data Source Errors
    • Creating Consistent Applications by Using Dialog Boxes and Forms Inheritance
      • Adding and Configuring Dialog Box Components
      • Creating a Custom Dialog Box
      • Implementing Windows Forms Inheritance
      • Modifying an Existing Form to Inherit from a Base Form
    • Printing Content and Creating Reports
      • Adding Print Capability to a Windows Forms Application
      • Implementing Reporting by Using the CrystalReportViewer Component
    • Performing Asynchronous Tasks by Using the BackgroundWorker Component
      • Running and Canceling a Background Process by Using the BackgroundWorker Component
    • Deploying Applications by Using ClickOnce
      • Publishing a ClickOnce Application
      • Installing and Testing a ClickOnce Application
  • Advanced Windows Forms with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
    • Building MDI Applications
      • Creating MDI Parent and Child Forms
      • Displaying and Comparing Information on MDI Child Forms
      • Implementing Menu Merging in MDI Applications
    • Customizing Windows Forms and Controls
      • Creating a Control That Inherits from an Existing Control
      • Creating a Nonrectangular Windows Form
      • Creating a Custom User Control
    • Creating Customized Print Components
      • Printing a Report by Using GDI+
      • Creating a Customized Print Preview Dialog Box
    • Performing Drag-and-Drop Operations and
      • Implementing Clipboard Support
      • Implementing Drag-and-Drop Functionality in a Windows Forms Application
      • Adding Clipboard Support to an Application
      • Performing Drag-and-Drop Operations by Using TextBox and PictureBox Controls
    • Performing Asynchronous Tasks by Using Multithreaded Techniques
      • Loading a Bitmap Asynchronously
      • Performing Calculations by Using Multithreading
    • Enhancing the Presentation of Windows Forms
      • Applications
      • Programming the DataGridView Control
      • Viewing and Persisting Application Settings by Using the PropertyGrid Control
      • Implementing a User Interface in the Style of Outlook by Using RAD Features
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