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Veritas is a global provider of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Accountability training programmes. Here in the UK we offer a comprehensive portfolio of training services which reflect our global capability.
  • Must have experience as a system and network administrator working in a UNIX environment.
  • It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.

  • It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each.
  • The format is 40% theory, 60% Hands-on.
    Private Classroom arranged on request and minimum attendies for batch is 4.
course content
  • Introduction to SVM
    • Introduction to online disk 4.2 version(ODS), configuration of solstice online disk suite(4.2)
    • Implementation of online disk suite with raid levels (0, 1,0+1 & 5)
    • Extending meta device size with growfs
  • Introduction to VERITAS foundation suite and VERITAS volume manager(VxVm)
  • Installation of VERITAS volume manager
  • Differences between VxVm versions 4.0 & 5.0
  • Volume layouts in VxVm
  • Online relay layout
  • Dirty region logging
  • Configuration of VERITAS volume manager with VERITAS file system(VxFs)
  • Administering dynamic multi-pathing(DMP)
  • Creating and administering disk groups
  • Creating and administering sub disks
  • Creating and administering plexes
  • Creating volumes
  • Live implementation of VERITAS volume manager with RAID levels ( 0, 1, 0+1,1+0, 5)
  • Extending volume size with mkfs
  • Administering volumes
  • Administering volume snapshots
    • High Availability Concepts
      • High Availability Concepts
      • Clustering Concepts
      • Clustering Prerequisites
    • VCS Building Blocks
      • VCS Terminology
      • Cluster Communication
      • VCS Architecture
    • Preparing a Site for VCS Implementation
      • Hardware Requirements and Recommendations
      • Software Requirements and Recommendations
      • Preparing Installation Information
    • Installing VCS
      • Using the VERITAS Product Installer
      • Installing License
      • VCS Configuration Files
      • Viewing the Default VCS Configuration
    • VCS Configuration Methods
      • Starting and Stopping VCS
      • Overview of Configuration Methods
      • Online and offline Configuration
      • Controlling Access to VCS
    • Preparing Services for High Availability
      • Preparing Applications for VCS
      • One-Time Configuration Tasks
      • Testing the Application Service
      • Stopping and Migrating an Application Service
    • Online Configuration
      • Online Service Group Configuration
      • Adding Resources
      • Solving Common Configuration Errors
      • Testing the Service Group
    • Offline Configuration
      • Offline Configuration Procedures
      • Offline Configuration Practices and Tools
      • Solving Offline Configuration Problems
      • Testing the Service Group
    • Configuring VCS Response to Resource Faults
      • VCS Response to Resource Faults
      • Determining Failover Duration
      • Controlling Fault Behavior
      • Recovering from Resource Faults
    • Cluster Communications
      • Cluster Membership
      • Cluster Interconnect Configuration
      • Joining the Cluster Membership
      • Changing the Interconnect Configuration
    • System and Communication Faults
      • Ensuring Data Integrity
      • Cluster Interconnect Failures
    • I/O Fencing
      • Data Protection Requirements
      • I/O Fencing Concepts and Components
      • I/O Fencing Operations and I/O Fencing Implementation
      • Configuring I/O Fencing
      • Stopping and Recovering Fenced Systems
    • Troubleshooting
      • Monitoring VCS
      • Cluster Communication Problems
      • VCS Engine Problems
      • Service Group and Resource Problems
      • VERITAS Cluster Server, Example Application Configurations
    • Service Group Interactions
      • Service Group Dependency Definition
      • Service Group Dependency Examples
      • Configuring Service Group Dependencies
      • Alternative Methods of Controlling Interactions
  • Videos
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    (1) Workday Technical Demo Training

    Demo Schedule : 09:30 P.M EST / 08:30 P.M CST / 6:30 P.M PST on 13th April & 07:00 A.M IST on 14th April

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